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Resident Liaison

Our vast experience and long history of housing refurbishment projects has continually proven to us that the cornerstone of a successful contract is open, positive and effective liaison between ourselves as working visitors and the resident/occupier seeking to maintain their home.

At Mulalley, we instil this belief into all our project staff and to reinforce it we employ designated Resident Liaison Officers to undertake these duties. These Staff are full time employees undertaking no other role on the project.

Keeping people informed and involved

Our 70+ Resident Liaison Officers are often from a customer service / care industry focused background and their task is to organise our access, ensure the prompt flow of information and to provide the resident with an outlet for their opinions and an interface they can trust. This provides both partners to the scheme i.e. the residents and the Contractor with the support necessary to ensure the aims of each are met and assists in the creation of a harmonious working relationship; even for the most difficult of projects.

These principles are supported by our award-winning comprehensive management system for Resident Liaison, which forms part of our externally audited ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Procedures. This system has been developed to ensure that Resident Liaison is correctly and efficiently managed and our high standards are applied across all of our projects.

This approach is used on all of our work, not just housing. We believe clear effective communication and liaison, teamed with a friendly, attentive and open attitude builds trust and strong relationships with our clients.

Social Responsibility

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