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Forest School Mulalley Bursary

Forest School, London, E17 3PY

"Mulalley are proud to sponsor Bursary Awards for pupils entering Forest School’s Sixth Form. Since 2004 eleven young people have received this means tested support. Forest School’s ethos compliments our values and aims in the excellent blend of academic achievement, personal development and co-curricular involvement that it offers to all pupils. Our support represents a small but significant effort to widen access to excellent schools and encourage greater social mobility within society for the next generation of workers " Teresa Taylor, Finance Director, Mulalley

“Our scholars are at the centre of life at Forest School and contribute hugely to the life of the School on many different fronts. Inevitably they develop into fine students who will go on to contribute to society in all sorts of ways. Mulalley have been steadfast in their support of our pupils and the partnership is of great value to all parties. In our changing world, being ready for life outside the classroom presents real challenges and on the back of such corporate partnerships we are able to turn out successful, confident young men and women ready to make a difference in the wider world.” Marcus Cliff Hodges, Acting Warden, Forest School

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