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Labour standards and modern slavery

The Modern Slavery Act represents an important step in tackling slavery issues.

It encourages businesses, such as ours, to work together to promote fairness and eradicate slavery human trafficking and forced labour in its various forms.

Mulalley & Co Ltd is a construction company who work with a wide and diverse range of UK based clients, specialist sub-contractors, designers, consultants and supplier organisations in undertaking their activities in order to meet our contractual obligations to Clients.

As a responsible organisation, Mulalley have a ZERO tolerance towards forced labour human trafficking and child labour practices (as defined in the Act).

We have arrangements in place to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the working practices of those who we have a direct contractual arrangement with also have a similar zero tolerance.

Our commitment:

We have put in place induction arrangements to inform our own people of our policy on Modern Slavery issues and instructs them as to what they should do if, during their work activities, they become aware of any practices that contravene the requirements on the Act or this policy.

In a similar vein, we also have put in place arrangements to inform our supply chain of our ZERO tolerance policy and asks them for their commitment to comply with this.

We have available on our intranet portal, M-Net, information on our policy.

Where it is discovered that any organisation we work with tolerates, to any degree, such slavery practices, OR we suspect that slavery practices exist, we have arrangements to immediately take action, by informing the relevant authorities and severing our connection to that organisation.

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